The Results Are In…!

BC’s Official and World Recognized Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off Event!!!

Organized by — giving back to our farming heritage, supporting local growers and bringing community together! “Like” our and join the community!

Scott Carley!! BC’s 1st place giant pumpkin (1,172lbs)!

Andrea and Glenn Dixon!! BC’s 2nd place (1,077lbs) and 4th place (1,029lbs) giant pumpkins!

Janet and David Chan!! BC’s 3rd place (1,036lbs) and 5th place (958lbs) giant pumpkins!

Kate Mumford!! BC’s 6th place (617lbs) and Howard Dill Award for BEST Looking Pumpkin! It’s a beauty!

Jeff Pelletier!! BC’s 7th place giant pumpkin (410lbs) and 1st place giant green squash (457lbs)!

Justin Hoskins!! BC’s 8th place giant pumpkin (347lbs)!

Eileen Pavan!! BC’s 9th place giant pumpkin (145lbs)!

Maurizio Camparmo!! BC’s 10th place giant pumpkin (132lbs)!

Congrats to all of our local growers and their gargantuan gourds!!




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