RESULTS are in…!!!

BC’s Official Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC) and Certified World Recognized Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off Event!!!

1st Place: Dave Chan 1,911 lbs!!! NEW RECORD for the province of British Columbia!!! Also, qualified as NEW member of the 4,000 Pound Club (aggregate weight for his Top 3 Giants in 2021)!!!

2nd Place: Jeff Pelletier 1,196 lbs!!!

3rd Place: Glenn & Andrea Dixon 1,099 lbs!!! Also, Prettiest Pumpkin recipient of Howard Dill Award!!!

4th Place: Scott Carley 1,051 lbs!!!

5th Place: Kate Mumford 1,028 lbs!!!

6th Place: Ryan May 807 lbs!!!

7th Place: Trevor Halliday 782 lbs!!!

8th Place: Steve Reid 647 lbs!!!

9th Place: Maurizio Camparmo 358 lbs!!!

10th Place: Andy Budden 352 lbs!!!

Other categories…

Heaviest Squash: Jeff Pelletier 687 lbs!!!

Heaviest Field Pumpkin: Jeff Pelletier 122 lbs!!!

Heaviest Bushell Gourd: Jeff Pelletier 100 lbs!!!

There were NO entries this year for…

Giant Tomato

Longest Gourd

Giant Watermelon

Allow me to introduce our #PumpkinPal Dave Chan and his 1st Place Giant Pumpkin from Richmond, BC!

After decades of growing, Dave Chan finally cultivated a GIGANTIC Giant Pumpkin that weighed 1,911 pounds, and set a NEW RECORD for the province of British Columbia!!! Dave presently holds the distinction of having cultivated the HEAVIEST PUMPKIN in BC history!!!

There’s also a competition within the competition. Dave also qualified as a NEW member of the 4,000 Pound Club (aggregate weight for his Top 3 Giants in 2021) and will receive the coveted Certified World Recognized Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC) Jacket – Dave is ONLY the 2nd grower (Scott Carley being the 1st) in Western Canada to achieve this milestone – it’s kind of a BIG deal!!!

Fun fact: Dave’s GIANT PUMPKIN is presently #23 heaviest pumpkin in the WORLD!

Media shout out: Dave’s story has been featured or mentioned on CBC News, CBC Radio, CBC Vancouver Morning & Weekend Show, 103.5 FM, CKNW 980 AM, Langley Advance, Daily Hive, Vancouver Is Awesome, China News, Fairchild TV, Minkei News Vancouver, The Canadian Press, Philippine Canadian News . . . and more!!!

Photo of Dave Chan and fellow growers with his 1st place award winning pumpkin on Oct 2, 2021.

Photo of Dave Chan anticipating the announcement of “Papa Bear’s” official weight.

Photo of Dave Chan’s reaction to setting the NEW BC RECORD at 1,911 pounds!!!

Photo of Dave Chan accepting his GIANT cheque from our 1st Prize Sponsor Urban Roots Garden Markets – $1 PER POUND!!! $1,911 DOLLARS!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Urban Roots!!!

Photo of Scott Carley, previous BC Record holder since 2017, presenting Dave Chan, our NEW BC RECORD holder in 2021 with British Columbia’s GIANT PUMPKIN GROWERS Province Record plaque.

Photo of BC Pumpkin Growers Andy Budden (left) & Scott Carley (right) maneuvering Dave Chan’s Giant Pumpkin.

Stay tuned over the coming days and weeks for more stories, photos and media of our Gargantuan Gourds!!!

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