Thank you for your interest in growing a Giant Pumpkin!

We are thrilled about how much enjoyment our Gargantuan Gourds are providing for the community!

In 2015, we started distributing seeds from Scott Carley’s Giant (Atlantic) Pumpkins! To date, we have distributed over 1,000 seeds throughout British Columbia!!!

In 2021, we started distributing seeds from Dave Chan’s 1,911 pound Giant (Atlantic) Pumpkin!

What? The GENETICS in these seeds are capable of growing the HEAVIEST PUMPKINS IN THE WORLD!!! These SPECIAL SEEDS are being distributed to encourage more BC growers to join our event next year! BC’s Official Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC) and Certified World Recognized Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off Event! Click EVENTS page for details. ALL money goes towards fundraising for this captivating and family fun event!

How? Email to request your seed order. We will put you in touch with one or more of our award-winning growers and their record-setting giant pumpkin seeds! Thank you in advance for your patience – remember, this is a hobby, not a business.

Grow? Growing season in BC is May to October. Click How to Grow an Award Winning Giant Pumpkin for our instructions on how to germinate your seeds and grow your Giant Pumpkin!

How many SEEDS do you think were in Scott’s 1,427.5 pound Giant Pumpkin that placed 1st in BC and 725.5 pound Monster Green Squash that set the new BC Squash Record in 2015…?? 660 pumpkin seeds and 800 squash seeds!!


Giant Pumpkins British Columbia – Giving back to our farming heritage, supporting local growers and bringing community together!


Looking forward to connecting with you!


45 thoughts on “Seeds

    1. Hello Jean, we received your self-addressed envelopes with postage, thank you! The giant pumpkin seeds are presently drying and should be ready in a couple of weeks! We love that you are getting the whole family involved!


    1. hey scott once again congrats. your mother in law introduced us at the weigh off my name is brad baxendale my pumpkin got to 356 lbs I was quite proud of mine me and my neighbor are going to grow a huge patch next year infact the whole street is in to them now they have seen the carved ones outside. I will pay for seeds and will come pick up 604 838-5937 and hopefully I will be your competition next year./


  1. Hi, just saw Scott on Global tv. Congrats on winning the biggest pumpkin contest. If possible we would love to get some of the seeds to try to grow our own giant pumpkin next year.


  2. I saw your husband on the news this morning with his huge pumpkins. He said that if a person wanted any seeds from the pumpkin that they should contact you. I am writing to you to respond that i would love to have some of your seeds. Please contact me at above e-mail or at 1-778-429-4358. Thank-you.


  3. Hi there! I just saw you on global this morning! I have been thinking of growing a few big pumpkins one year but never knew how to start. I would love to get ahold of some of your giant pumpkin seeds if and when available. Just let me know what kind of arrangements you need! Cheers,


  4. Saw you on Global TV this morning. Your pumpkins are impressive! Have been unsuccessful in growing a giant pumpkin bigger than a baseball! LOL Would love to get some seeds whenever they become available, and any tips that could help!


  5. Hi first off congrats on winning. I would love to try some of your seeds.thank you
    Maureen Humphreys
    Sicamous bc


  6. I just love to garden and was planning on trying to grow A HUGE pumpkin next yr…if you still have seeds to give I would love to try it!!thanks so much


  7. Morning Kirstin! I sent in a self addressed envelope on behalf of my two little farmers on March 9th 2015. Just making sure you received it? The boys are checking the mail daily 🙂 Tx, Brandie


    1. Hi Brandie! Thank you for your message. I have no record of your name or email address in our giant pumpkin database. I’m sorry to say that I have not received your self-addressed envelope. Please email your name and mailing address to and I will mail you some seeds along with instructions. Depending on the weather, the best time to plant is during the first 2 weeks in May, so you have lots of time to get started! Wishing you and the boys all the best! Be sure to follow our blog starting in May!



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