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Here is what some people throughout British Columbia are saying…

“I had the best day ever at the pumpkin weigh off!!! What a lovely group of talented amazing growers. I was blown away by the warm welcome from all the growers even though my pumpkin was very small in comparison to the beauties on display. When I decided to grow my pumpkin last spring I didn’t know about the weigh off right in my neighbourhood!!! When I started to do my research on how to grow these pumpkins I discovered this awesome event. I was not too keen on entering until the encouragement from you and my daughter but I’m so glad I did. I had planned on attending with or without my pumpkin as I’ve become so obsessed oops I mean interested in this hobby.” – Eileen

“I understand you are the person to thank for those fantastic pumpkin t-shirts. What a fun idea! Thank you so much.” – Janet

“We are happy that we are able to support your great annual event and we look forward to supporting you again next year! Congratulations to all of your participants!” – B.C. Scale

“You have done such a wonderful job! We really can’t thank you enough for all of the effort you’ve put into this event!” – Kate & Rob

“What a fun day and congrats to Scott!” – Sandee

“Thanks very much for posting the seeds, and info, they both sprouted and are now planted in a nice bed of rich compost.” – Noel

“We would like to reserve and buy two of your largest pumpkins for our displays.” – Desert Hills

“Thank you so much for the seeds! I followed your directions to a ‘T’ and it worked! I was super nervous that I hadn’t filed them down enough and that I made it too watery. Then they popped out in full force, no doubt there! Amazing! Thanks so much!” – Angela

“I just wanted to touch base regarding the giant pumpkin seeds you sent. A huge thanks!” – Kevin

“I saw your giant pumpkins on TV in the fall, how incredible! We would like to try growing a couple!” – Barbara

“Awesome!” – Monette

“Thanks for sharing I would love to have some seeds.” – Jeanette

“I would love some of your seeds for growing huge pumpkins for next year!!!” – Joanna

“Amazing!!! Love to get some seeds!” – Donna

“I’d love to try and grow a giant pumpkin for my husband- he’s a huge Halloween fan and pumpkin carver! Just saw on Global you’re giving some seeds away – if you’re not already tapped out we would love to try some!” – Kim

“Just saw you on the morning news! I’ve been growing big pumpkins in my backyard here in Vernon secretly for the last 3 years. Cracked 150 lbs with a seed from a Dills Atlantic giant seed pack 2 years ago! Would love to try your seed!” – Tammy

“I just saw your clip on the morning news!! Congrats on your win!” – Cindy

“Would love seeds to grow a pumpkin next year!” – Shirley

“That’s amazing, I would love to try to grow a giant pumpkin with your seeds if possible.” – Brad

“Wow, good job!!!!!!” – Maureen

“I Just Saw Your Husband On The Morning News And Said He Would Send Pumpkin Seeds To Anyone Who Wants Some…I Would Love Some! We Live In Williams Lake And Are Planning On Starting A Pumpkin Patch For Next Year AS The Closest One is About A 3 Hour Drive From Here! A Giant Pumpkin Would Blow The Kids In This Town Away! Thanks A Bunch!” – Amy

“Your pumpkins are amazing! Congratulations! You mentioned something on the news about free seeds from your prize winning pumpkin, I would really like to be able to get a few from you. I would love to be able to grow a big monster like that myself next year.” – Chad

“Saw your segment on the Morning News! Great work! I would love to get some of your pumpkin seeds!” – Shirley

“Just watched the global TV segment showing your pumpkin – amazing. Wondering if you could send me seeds and any growing information? Would like to try growing a pumpkin next year. Would be great for the grandkids.” – George

“I would love some seeds to grow a pumpkin next year!” – Jo-Anne

“Congratulations seen your clip on the news this morning!” – Lee

“Congrats on your win, amazing job!! Would love to try my luck with some seeds, growing season not great here in Mackenzie but by spring we are relocating to the beautiful Creston Valley, perfect growing conditions!” – Irene

“Just saw your segment on Global News. Awesome!! Love to carve pumpkins and would like to have a try at growing these large ones. Would really like to have some seeds. Congratulations on your win.” – Denise

“Would love to have a few seeds!” – Bev

“For years I have been trying to grow a big pumpkin…no luck…just small ones…if seeds are the issue, please send me some please.” – John

“Watched you on global this morning and you said you would send seeds to people who emailed you. My granddaughter has been growing pumpkins for the last two years and she would be thrilled to grow a large one.” – Jean

“Please send a few seeds so we can grow those amazing pumpkins you have.” – Candy

“I don’t recall ever being so excited about a news segment! We love trying new seeds and watching the gardens flourish! I would be delighted and thankful to receive some seeds.” – Leah

“I was wondering if I could get some pumpkin seeds?!” – Bob

“I saw your segment on Global News and would like to order some of your Pumpkin seeds as a gift for my daughter and two little grand daughters who are avid gardeners. They grew an amazing garden this past season here in Prince George, and I know it would be fun for them to try to grow one of your Giant Pumpkins.I thought it would be a neat stocking stuffer for Christmas!” – Dianne

“We would love a few seeds! We live on Texada Island, BC, and they would surely be a hit at our farmers market in the fall.” – Sylvia

“I’m glad I had a look at your website. All the links and photos are appreciated…wow!!” – Glenn

“Love to try to grow a big one in Lillooet!” – Jean

“I would love some free seeds!” – Gayle

“Congrats! My pumpkin got to 356 lbs and I was quite proud of mine. My neighbor and I are going to grow a huge patch next year. In fact, the whole street is in to them now they have seen the carved ones outside. Hopefully I will be your competition next year!” – Brad

“Just seen you on the news and would love to get some seeds, my mom use to grow giant pumpkins at our place in Osoyoos.” – Eric

“I want some pumpkin seeds!!!!!” – Laurie

“Just saw Scott on Global TV. Congrats on winning the biggest pumpkin contest! If possible we would love to get some of the seeds to try to grow our own giant pumpkin next year.” – Dawn

“I would some of your giant pumpkin seeds!” – Allane

“How do I get seeds?!” – Shawna

“I would appreciate some seeds. What variety are your giant pumpkins?” – Lorraine

“I’d love some seeds!” – Cindy

“We saw you on the morning news this morning and would like some pumpkin seeds!” – Jo-Anne

“I saw your husband on the news this morning with his huge pumpkins!” – Diane

“Would love to get some pumpkin seeds for my nieces!” – Carolyn

“Amazing!!” – Veronica

“I just saw you on Global this morning! I have been thinking of growing a few big pumpkins one year but never knew how to start. I would love to get a hold of some of your giant pumpkin seeds if and when available.” – Kevin

“Saw you on Global TV this morning. Your pumpkins are impressive! Have been unsuccessful in growing a giant pumpkin bigger than a baseball! Would love to get some seeds whenever they become available, and any tips that could help!” – Harbons

“My girlfriend and I would like some seeds please.” – Jordan

“Awesome job growing the giant pumpkin! I would love to try to grow some!” – Maureen

“I just love to garden and was planning on trying to grow A HUGE pumpkin next year! If you still have seeds to give I would love to try it!! Thanks so much.” – Marcy

“I look forward to gifting your award winning seeds to my husband!” – Michelle

“I was fortunate enough to get some seeds from you last year!” – Nancy

“I’m so excited to receive your giant pumpkin seeds! My pumpkin was only 50lbs this year so I’m determined to have a HUGE one next summer!” – Christina



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