The countdown begins!

From glorious sunshine and record warmth to crazy wind storms, the countdown begins…! Seeking Corporate Sponsors for this year’s Official Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC) and Certified World Recognized Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off Event on October 3, 2015!! Not only that, it is the only Certified and Recognized event in all of British Columbia! This event attracts Giant Pumpkin Growers from British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest; including our neighbours in Washington, Oregon and California, USA. This is a very well-advertised event that draws almost all local Television and Print Media who cover the story each year.  Email for more information.  Thank you in advance to Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery for hosting the event this year and to Hino Central in Langley for providing a flatbed truck to transport our gargantuan gourds!!  Looking forward to creating a memorable event with you!!

2014 Giant Pumpkin 1st Place BC



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